Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Gulbarga, Karnataka, India
Tuk Tuk, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Hampi, Karnataka, India


Village Excursion-Marvar experience

Tour Highlights

» Guided Walking tour  of the village seeing the mud houses and the women at work, see pearl millet flour being
  ground by hand, butter being churned and the local bread being cooked.
» Chat to the women and find out the significance of their stunning jewellery and the history behind their colourful
» Witness the local traditions  and hear interesting legends from village folks.
» Visit the Village Talab and Ancient Step well .
» Have Tea & Snacks at the village Rawla , with welcoming host .
» Watch the milking of goats or cows when they return from the fields the adventurous are welcome to join in.
» Visit the local craft oriented Self Help Group  “ Sunder Rang” . The aim of this project is to provide women of
  these villages  with an opportunity to support themselves by promoting  their handicrafts, to train younger
  women of the community in traditional art skills, and to initiate  a spirit of community development.
» At the end of the visit enjoy a chai and listen to traditional songs performed to the energetic beat of  traditional
  Rajasthani music instruments.





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