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Travel Advice

“Before you get on the plane”

Insurance – Regardless of your level of health, decent travel insurance is an absolute must. Note down the emergency number of your insurance operator and put in your wallet or a safe place. Make sure you’re covered for any adventure sports you may be planning on doing.


  • Visas – Foreign Nationals are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa.

Visa on arrival for 43 countries

As a historic step, the government has rolled out Visa on Arrival enabled by ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for 43 countries starting November 2014.Visitors from 43 countries, including Germany, United States, Israel Russia, Ukraine and Australia, can avail the electronic visa facility. For a detailed list of the approved countries, please refer to

In order to get an e-visa, tourists need to apply on the designated website and go through four steps. Once approved, the traveller would get the ETA by e mail.

The nine approved international airports where arrival is permitted with ETA are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Goa.


Language– Learn a few phrases of Hindi if only out of courtesy to your host country. You’ll be amazed how useful even the odd word or two can be.

Money – There are ATM’s everywhere. Don’t worry about travellers cheques. Tip: Take a bit of emergency cash, a credit card and your ATM card. Also, don’t forget to inform your bank before you go: there’s nothing more annoying than finding your card’s been blocked for “Out of the ordinary use”.

Bargaining– India is a bargaining culture, so be prepared for a lot of it. But be respectful. Bargaining is all about buying an item you want at a price you’re prepared to pay. If you pay slightly more than a local, who cares? You still got what you wanted. Our advice is to decide the maximum amount you’ll pay for something before you mention any rupees, or even express much interest in a product. Then pick an amount below that and work your way up! Mainly, enjoy the interaction and don’t get stressed or rude if it doesn’t work out!

  • Begging – India’s rapid economic growth has left a trail of beggars in its wake. Supporting them is always helpful but we recommend you do so when you are leaving a place, as you get in the car, rather than on arrival. Otherwise, you will be mobbed. Even better is to offer them some food or a meal, avoiding the exchange of money entirely.


  • Delhi Belly – Hand Sanitizer is a very useful method of not getting sick. Use some of this before eating and after using the bathroom and you’ll have reduced your chances of stomach trouble by 90%. On this front, avoid lukewarm food. You’re more likely to get a stomach bug from lukewarm food at a swanky hotel buffet than from something deep fried in front of you at a roadside chai-stall.


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